To go further, you are not alone!

GLPI is a community project. Its strength is its powerful community on which you can rely to carry out your project.

You will find a list of resources and discussion spaces that you can use to go further.

Plugin catalog

The GLPI Project maintains a curated catalog of first-party and community-made plugins that can be used to expand the functionality of GLPI. Plugins may be available outside of this catalog, but they have not been verified.

Plugin developers are encouraged to submit their plugin for approval and addition into the catalog.

Discussion platforms

The forum is a community support space. Ask your questions on this space, making sure to respect the rules of operation which that are specific to it. You can then benefit from the advice, opinions, help from other users. Don’t forget to do the same afterwards with new beginners to share your experience.

A full, up to date list of discussion platforms can be found on the main GLPI Project website.

Partners of the GLPI Project

The growing demand for services around the GLPI project has given birth to a network of partners. These partners are able to bring you the high value-added services and the assistance to the GLPI deployment that you need. As an end user, you are assured of the close collaboration between the GLPI project and its partners and you bring your support to the project since each partner is committed to actively contribute to the GLPI project.