Choose a web browser

GLPI requires the use of a web browser.

Optimal functioning of the application is obtained by using a modern browser compliant with web standards.

The following web browsers are supported:

  • Edge

  • Firefox (including 2 latests ESR version)

  • Chrome

GLPI also works on mobile; it is generally compatible with the mobile versions of the supported browsers.

How to connect

Open your browser and go to the GLPI homepage (https://{glpi_address}/).

Access to the full functionality of the application requires authentication. An unauthenticated user can possibly access certain functions if GLPI has been configured to allow it:

  • View the FAQ,

  • Open a ticket,

Depending on the profile of the authenticated user, they may be shown the standard interface, or simplified interface.

End your session

To log out, click the Logout button in the top right of the screen. Once logged out, you will be redirected to the login page.