The GLPI Asset module is used to manage all the assets that are part of your IT infrastructure.

Asset management in GLPI

In order to manage hardwares and software of an IT infrastructure, GLPI allows natively to list all the assets that are used inside the managed organization.

However, it is possible to automate information pushing from the assets thanks to the native inventory and GLPI Agent and third-party tools.

More information on the GLPI Agent can be found in its dedicated documentation.


If you have used Fusion Inventory in the past with GLPI, it is very easy to migrate over to the GLPI Agent due to the native inventory remaining compatible with the Fusion Inventory agent.

GLPI also supports automatic inventory via multiple plugins including but not limited to:

  • The Fusion Inventory plugin transforms GLPI into an inventory server with the Fusion Inventory agents interfacing directly with the GLPI server.

  • The ocsinventoryng plugin allow to synchronize the GLPI database with the OCS Inventory NG inventory tool: the agents installed on the computers interface directly the the OCS Inventory NG server.

Available types

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Referenced in original doc but not present:

  • [Gestion du protocole Internet (IP)](../glpi/inventory_ip.html)

    Le protocole IP est matérialisé sous plusieurs formes : adresses IP, réseaux IP, mais aussi des FQDN