General configuration

This tab permits to customize main application appearance.


Description of fields

  • URL of the application: used in different links provided in the application, in notifications, and for the API. Its defined at install time depending on the URL that has been used for it.

  • Text in the login box: specific text to be displayed at the top of the login block

  • Allow FAQ anonymous access: allows Frequently Asked Question <FAQ> access without any login in GLPI. A link to access the FAQ will be displayed below the login box when enabled.

  • Default search results limit: maximum number of search results displayed at once on all search pages

  • Default characters limit: maximum number of displayed characters visible in search results. If you display a ticket content for example, it will be truncated on this number of characters

  • Default url length limit: same as the above, but applying on URLs

  • Default decimals limit: number of decimals displayed for amounts

  • Translation of dropdowns: allows dropdowns do be translated. Once this parameter enabled, a translation tab will be added on dropdown forms (see dropdowns translations)

  • Translation of reminders: same as the above, but applying on reminders

  • Knowledge base translation: same as the above, but applying on knowledge base entries

  • Simplified interface help link: link to help displayed for users using simplified interface

  • Standard interface help link: link to help displayed for users using standard interface

  • Page size for dropdown: number of elements displayed in a dropdown on each scroll

  • Don’t show search engine in dropdowns if the number of items is less than: search in dropdown won’t be displayed if there are less results than configured here

  • Items seen

  • Global search: enable global search adding a search field at the top of the interface