GLPI has a notification feature that allows it to send messages following an event in the application, to users via email, browser notifications, and other methods (expandable by plugins).

GLPI comes with notification definitions pre-defined and they can be used out of the box right away after enabling notifications.

To do this, you must activate the Enable followup option then Enable followup via email or Browser followups from browser to display the settings menu:


Notifications work as follows (e.g.: ticket creation notified by email):

  1. The ticket is created in GLPI

  2. GLPI looks for notifications of the « ticket creation » event in the ticket entity (otherwise in the parent entities)

  3. GLPI builds the list of recipients according to the settings

  4. For each recipient, GLPI generates the mail in the language of the user if the translation exists, otherwise it is the « Default translation ».

  5. The emails are placed in Administration > Notification queue waiting to be sent by the automatic task queuednotification.


When new notifications are added to GLPI through an update, they are enabled by default.