Generate reportsΒΆ

GLPI allows to generate reports based on managed items:

  • Default report

    This report summarizes present equipments sorted by type. Computers are also sorted by operating systems.

  • By contract

    This report shows the equipments that are under a maintenance contract with a third-party and can be detailed by equipment type and purchase date.

    Multiple selection is available.

    To add a type, it is possible to click in empty area and choose new type. Same applies to add a date.

    Generated table lists, sorted by item type, name, if it is in trash bin, entity, location, purchase and warranty expire date, contract type and contract begin and end dates.

  • By year

    Same as report by contract, but lists also the equipments without contract.

  • Hardware financial and administrative information

    This report shows the summary of financial information for computers, printers, network equipments, displays, peripherals and phones.

    It is possible to obtain a report for a given period.

    The generated table lists, sorted by item type, name, entity, value, net accounting value, TCO, purchase date, starting date, warranty expire date. A summary displaying total value and net accountin value is available, both by item type and for all items.

  • Other financial and administrative information

    Same as Hardware financial and administrative information, but for cartridges, licenses and consumables.

  • Network report

    Three types of reports can be generated: by location, by hardware or by network plug.

  • Loan

    This report shows a summary of current, future and past reservations for a given user.

  • Status

    This report shows a summary of different status, sorted by equipment types.


The range of possible reports can be increased by adding to GLPI the following plugin: