The calendars used within GLPI are configurable by entity. They are characterized by periods of opening as well as periods of closing.

These calendars are used in the SLA (see Configure SLAs) and the configuration of entities.


Time ranges

Corresponds to the opening time slots of the entity. You can add as many as necessary per day as long as these slots do not overlap.

Close times

Lists the closing periods assigned to this calendar and allows you to add a new one; see lca configuration of closing periods.

All Information

For an item, all information is displayed on one page from the All tab. This shows all of the tabs of an object’s form in one view, one below the other.

Close times

The list of closure periods is a flat list of valid values. It can be delegated by entity.

A closure period consists of a name, a period and whether this closure is recurring or not.

Concerning the field Recurring, if it is in Yes it means that the period indicated is valid all the time. In this case GLPI would not care about the year indicated.

Very useful to indicate the holidays recurring each year (Christmas, Victory of 1945, May 1 …) or the period of closure of the company (closed every year from 1 to 31 August) and especially it avoids re-entering the same dates each year.