Defining actors and roles

An assistance service usually defines the following roles:

  • Requester : user or group of users known to GLPI and affected by the ticket;

  • Technician: ticket processing is done by a technician, by a group or by a supplier;

  • Watcher : user who can follow a ticket but without modifying it; follow-up can be done from GLPI interface or by receiving notifications.

Visible information and possible actions are defined by GLPI based on the user’s role, which is defined in user’s profile:

  • Technicians are the actors having the most complete information on a ticket and the widest possible actions

  • Requester and watcher will only view the information needed to fulfill request.

For multiple users or groups, only the first user or group is defined when creating the ticket, more actors are added later. A user who cannot modify actors but able to see the ticket can become a watcher.

When associating a new actor to a ticket, the number of tickets assigned to this actor is visible; this eases for instance task partitioning between technicians.


  • for users who are not known to GLPI, mail address can be associated to a ticket. Default choice for requester and watcher (no selected user) allows to add a mail address in these fields; for this to be available, notifications must be activated (see notification management)

  • Role attribution is done in user’s authorization management (see Attribute authorizations to a user)