Display statistics

Statistics group reports on tickets as well as reports coming from plugins.

Reports can be parameterized on a given time slot.

Reports on tickets

  • Global:

    Display general statistics on tickets:

    • Number of opened , solved, late and closed tickets;

    • Average time of processing, resolution, closure and real duration;

    • Number of satisfaction surveys, opened or answered;

    • Average satisfaction.

  • By ticket:

    Display statistics on tickets items, selected via a dropdown (requester, assigned technician, impact…).

    Table shows following items in four groups:

    • Number of opened , solved, late and closed tickets;

    • Number of opened satisfaction surveys, number of answers and average satisfaction;

    • Average Take into account time (duration between ticket opening and first action on ticket, follow-up, task or solution), resolution time or closure time;

    • Real ticket duration, average and total (real duration of allocated technician time for actions relevant for the ticket).

  • By hardware characteristics:

    Displays statistics on computer items defined in associated items of a ticket (for example, model, operating system, motherboard…)

    The table groups the same numbers as defined in statistics by tickets.

    For these two types of reports, the button stats_item located on each result line allows to display the statistics as a graphic.

  • By hardware:

    Display number of tickets assigned to each hardware, sorted by number of tickets.

The option See graphics, when available, allows to display result as a pie chart.


When statistics are done on a tree structured item (groups or categories for example), two presentations are available:

  • Normal: all values are displayed

  • Tree: only values at same level are displayed, taking into account the tickets attached to child elements. It is possible to navigate into values tree.